Fashion People

Gail Little and Belinda AlexanderThe North's leading Personal Shoppers & Stylists

Wardrobe Detoxing

  • We will:
  • work through your existing wardrobe with you
  • clear out unsuitable or unfashionable items
  • create new combinations of garments
  • recommend items to add

Charges for this service start at £50 per hour

Grace: a wardobe detoxing example

wardrobe detoxBefore Belinda's visit Grace felt a mixture of apprehension and excitement. Belinda came to our home and went through Grace's wardrobe

A video camera was used to record the event, and this has proved very useful since to remind us of Belinda's many helpful and insightful suggestions.

Belinda first asked Grace to dress as she would have normally. Grace put on a number of outfits that she has worn. As time went on Belinda began to choose what went with what and what was not suitable. The items she did not approve of were those that hid Grace's shape or made her look middle aged, including a number of polo necked sweaters, all went onto the "For Charity" pile.

It was not long before Belinda precisely identified what needed changing and what was right with Grace's clothes. Some were too large, same were too long, many hid Grace's figure, the colours of some clothes combinations were wrong. Some items when newly paired with others - and there were quite a number of these - were nice, were really flattering, or were really good.

Belinda is an ideal mix of diplomacy and assertiveness. She listened to both our views on Grace's clothes and skilfully guided us.

for charity pileAfter not much more than an hour Grace's confidence was greatly boosted, she had a number of 'new' outfits made from different combinations of her existing wardrobe, a moderate 'for charity shop' pile, a shopping list, and most important of all, felt years younger.

Belinda has more than realised both Grace's and my hopes, Grace could now pass for 'forty something' rathen than a 'fifty or sixty something' - good job as the Americans would say.