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Gail Little and Belinda AlexanderThe North's leading Personal Shoppers & Stylists

Personal Shopping

personal shopping

  • Gail and/or Belinda meet clients all over the UK ( from £ 50 per hour subject to location).
  • According to your budget and lifestyle they will select shops/stores/towns in which they will source clothes to enhance your style (because you are worth it!)
  • Their services are in demand mainly due to their gentle but advisory approach to clothes shopping and have been greatly appreciated by the business sector. Also to save valuable shopping/business time, it can be arranged to have collections taken to the workplace.

Client testimonials

Belinda - the best money I have ever spent

"I have been raving about you to my mother and all my workmates. Don't be surprised if you get a call from our Head of HR, who has a lovely wardrobe but like me, no time and no energy to coordinate outfits! I really enjoyed our session and feel excited about my clothes for the first time in ages. Thanks again for bringing my wardrobe back to life." A. Doering

"I have just returned from a most enjoyable shopping experience at Barkers, where I took advantage of Gail & Belinda's expertise. It certainly made the morning easier, more enjoyable and helped me to find the clothes I needed without having to search through the rails. I finished my shop, having spent almost £500, with a cup of coffee courtesy of Gail & Belinda. What a wonderful way to shop! Thank you, and please pass on my thanks to them." A. Phillips

personal shoppingI made my first ever purchase from your store last Tuesday and I must congratulate you on your staff, especially "Gail" your personal shopper. My friend and I arrived then met Gail over coffee. I told her what I was looking for (a wedding outfit for sons wedding), we then set off around the store and after trying several found just the thing! . from A. Robottom

"Thank you for a great day - I really enjoyed it but more importantly found it very useful. I have worn nearly all my clothes, and even managed to find a top to go with the 'Next' skirt, dressing it up for the evening functions. It has made me look at clothes very differently. Thank you again Belinda. "Best Wishes.......B Jones

personal shopping"Its given me a completely different view on buying clothes. They selected clothes I wouldn't look twice at on the hanger. I wasn't sure how to dress for my size. I lost 4 stone three years ago and I haven't altered my style accordingly. I sometimes see clothes on other women and think how nice they look, but I didn't think they would be right on me. Spending the day with Belinda and Gail has proved that's not always the case" Mrs. Graham of Carlisle

card"Monday turned in to a rare "girlie day" when former Vogue model Belinda Alexander (wife of bloodstock agent and producer of Derby winner Generous) came shopping with me to Newcastle, having first "detoxed" my wardrobe. Finding clothes I had forgotten I had bought and, spending time matching one item with others to produce several outfits I didn't know existed, was a real achievement (money saving too). The shopping trip was, however a different kettle of fish. Having spent more than I would on the food shopping but less than I would on (most) yearling purchases it was one of those experiences where the husband need not know the finer details. Retaining and buying the right clothes is not as easy as it sounds, especially for someone like me who, frankly has little interest in fashion but is duty bound to make some effort to look the part. Belinda was brilliant and very good value,securing the suite of private rooms for our own personal use was a real advantage as I couldn't use the excuse of hating busy shops and not having time to hang around." - from the blog of racehorse trainer Ann Duffield (posted 21/12/10).

jean genie

Belinda helping clients find the "right" jeans at a Jean Genie event; these are held all over the country and aim to help people who struggle to find a pair of well fitting jeans.